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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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egal side shows in the east bay. and the woman [beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight
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i don't think it's a way that you woulding able to stop it, you know? i mean, it's been going on since the early '80s. >> renewed attention tonight on a perennial east bay problem, side show spectators take over an intersection for this dangerous stunt. it's one of several side shows in recent months. >> katie, the california highway patrol tells me they were dispatched to two side shows last night, one was caught on camera, it lasted several minutes, included lots of cars and dozens of onlookers. >> the screeching tires near
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i-880 were heard throughout the neighborhood. >> it was pretty loud. >> i heard it it was pretty loud. >> oakland resident tells me these side shows happen here much too often. >> it's frustrating, scary, and it's -- unfortunately, it's part of our life now, so we're used to it. >> residents and business owners told me the car spin out events happen here at least twice a month. here's video from november of last year at the exact same spot. oakland police have tried to crack down on these side shows. they even mobilized a massive blockade at the side show at the port in november. one hot rod owner i talked to tells me there isn't much fear breaking up these eventses. >> you ever worry the police are going to show up? >> not really. >> he's seen lots of these side shows but he's only watched them in oak land. some neighbors say they're not surprised by them. >> there's nothing to do in oakland right now.
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the kids are starting to make their own way do their own thing and have their own phone. >> side shows like last night's are not only illegal and dangerous, they pull resources away from other duties. two crews were dispatched away from a motorcycle accident friday night to check on this side show. but the participate around thes quickly sped off. officers issued no citations. >> and that side show took place on an oakland city street. we tried contacting a spokesperson for the oakland police department several times today, and got no response. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. oakland police are looking for the driver of a car who hit and killed a pedestrians last night deliberately, it happened on 28th street near san pablo avenue just after 11:00. a man in his 40s was targeted by the driver. the victim died at the scene. beau biden, the son of joe
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biden died tonight. the former attorney general of delaware succumbed to brain cancer. he was diagnosed with the disease three years ago. doctors said he was cancer free after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, the cancer returned earlier this year. he sought treatment at walter reid medical center. in a statement from the vice president tonight joe biden writes, in the words of the biden family, beau biden was quite simply the finest man any of us have ever known. beau biden was 46. there are now 31 confirmed fatalities from storms and flooding in texas and oklahoma. and 11 people are still missing. tonight the devastating floodwaters continue to rise. sending a wave of evacuees from their home. here's chuck sievertson. >> reporter: police went door to door with the bad news. >> pack up and get out have these texas residents on the
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move. ashley walker was shocked to see what is usually a dry creek bed, now a rising tide heading for her house. >> i'm leaving. i'm going to damon. i'm out of here. >> in houston, sewers overflowed with flooding and set this manhole cover dancing on a column of water. >> flooding is the number one weather related killer. 38 people dying in 2014 alone. flash flooding is dangerous and hard to predict. small streams can become raging rapids in minutes. to protect yourself, know if you're on a flood plane and the fastest way to get to higher ground and pay attention to weather warnings. evacuees struggled to pack up and go. >> i like comforters, towels, and all kinds of little items and stuff i need. my bible. >> andreia depended on the helping hands of volunteers. >> they came to my rescue. i know that god sent them to me because i had no idea how i
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would get this stuff out of here. >> some could not outrun the waters. >> that's our fence line, that fence is probably five feet tall. >> the forecast holds some relief, three or four days of dry weather for texas as the rain pushes off to the east. abc news, new york. >> very different scene in california as the drought persists. it's not all bad some parts of the sierra actually saw a lot of rain and snow this month. this caltrans video shows heavy snowfall for a few weeks ago. drew has more with live doppler 7 hd. >> it's pretty incredible to see that some parts of the state have seen above normal rainfall for may. the pat nernt atmosphere are pretty stagnant the past month. high pressure anchored right off the coast. the two opposing forces meet, it's called the convergence zone. you get this air masses colliding, and that forms the showers over the past couple
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weeks. take a look at rainfall in a couple spots, specifically southlake tahoe, they saw double their average rainfall for the month of may. coming in over two inches of rain, and bishop look at this they saw 1.39 inches of rain that's 730% above their normal rainfall of.19 inches of rain. live doppler 7 hd showing us our next system is approaching the region off the coast it will bring about cooler changes and a chance of drizzle. we'll detail the timing in a few minutes. katie? >> thank you, drew. turning now to the weriers. just days before the finals are set to begin, a smakuphake-up in the coaching staff. >> when you have as much success as the warriors have had this season, steve kerr's top assistant alvin gentry is one of those people, he will be named the head coach of the new orleans pelicans after the nba
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finals. the top offensive mind with the warriors playing an certainly role in the restructuring of the offense. he's known to have a gift of relating to his players. he's been a head coach for the suns pistons and heat. steve kerr is happy for alvin and wishes him luck. he's had a tremendous impact on the success of our team this season, and personally, has been instrumental in my development as a coach, our loss is new orleans gain. and he was so important in steve kerr's rookie year as a head coach. huge loss for the warriors. congratulations to alvin when you have success this is what happens. >> thank you. we'll see you again in sports. game one of the nba finals tips off thursday evening at 6:00 right here on nbc 7. followed by abc 7 after the game. join larry beihl along with hall of famer nate thurmond and the one and only abc news sports reporter live from oracle arena in oakland.
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in the north bay shopper scatter ed ed the village filled with water just after 4:30 in the afternoon. nothing was damaged and all of the stores stayed open. different story in san francisco, people in the marina district drying out after the driver backed the car into a fire hydrant. the water flowed for more than 10 minutes showering water on to the roof of a three story building. one tenant just moved in and almost had to cancel a health warming party. >> we get another photo of a fire hydrant that exploded. i don't know if my living room is flooded right now or not. it sounds like they came and drained the roof and they're doing a good job. >> most of the water damage in the common area outside of the individual apartments. >> a boater refused to be
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rescued after running aground last night. the area of mira monty point just after 11:00, officials left the boater alone after determining there was no danger. the boat is still on the rocks. the boater managed to get off on his own today. young performers helped raise $5000 today to raise awareness to cyber bullying. ♪ abc 7 news was at san pedro square in san jose for rock for a reason. all the money goes to the audrey pott foundation, named after the 15-year-old sarah toga high school student who committed suicide. she passed out at a party and was sexually assaulted. pictures were posted online. >> we know that kids don't tell their parents everything, and audrey did reach out to a lot of her friends and we feel it was a
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cry for help that went unanswered. governor brown signed audrey's law increasing penalties for teenagers convicted of cyber bullying crimes. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, the search is on for a silicon valley woman who tossed out an original apple computer worth $200,000. and an end of romance in paris? the famed bridge that will no longer signify eternal love. tired of looking for love? the unusual dating
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talk about one man's trash is another man's treasure.
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a south bay recycling company is looking for the woman who dropped off an apple 1 vintage desk top worth $200,000. janet o has the story. >> reporter: this recycling company made a surprising discovery. >> it was like you know like you won the lottery. >> reporter: last month a woman dropped off several boxes of what she thought was junk. >> she brought two or three boxes, with wires, keyboards mouse. >> inside one of those boxes was a vintage apple one desktop, one of only 200 first generation models created in 1976. here's one on display in mountain view. after some research queen bay area sold the apple 1 to a private collector for $200,000. they're now looking for the original owner who didn't leave
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a name. >> i said do you need a receipt, she said no no no i'm fine. >> the company wants to honor its policy by giving her half the proceeds from the sale. >> her husband just passed away like recently. i don't know if it's an angel situation. >> the recycling company says all she needs to do is come down and pick up her check. >> wow! if you find yourself playing matchmaker often. singles gathered at the embassy suites hotel for a man swapping party. the concept is simple, women can bring a friend who they're not involved with who is an eligible bachelor. the bachelor is swapped with another single woman at the party. >> everyone's single everyone's looking to meet somebody. it's like shooting fish in a
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barrel, you can't miss. >> the concept is successful and one of the ideas he uses to get singles at weekly dating events he organizes throughout the bay area. a paris landmarno longer signify eternal love. paris authorities have announced that the love locks fastened to the railing of the bridge will be removed monday. last year part of the bridge collapsed due to the weight of all the locks. city officials have banned new couples from adding new ones. >> i'm bummed i put a lock on there a couple years ago. safety the number one issue there. weatherwise, the month of may has been chilly, no doubt about that, it's only fitting that the last day of the month tomorrow will also be on the cool side. we're dry right now, take a look at the almanac on the 30th day of may today everyone was below normal. we're getting closer to average.
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sfo and oakland coming in in the mid-60s. normal is 68 degrees. san jose with a temperature of 73 this afternoon. this is how it looked from our east bay hills camera as the sun was setting earlier this evening, you notice the marine layer pushing in. a live look from our exploratorium camera the skyline is getting chopped in half once again as the coastal clouds moved back in. the cold front is going to help to deepen our marine layer. we're going to see limited sunshine. out there right now it's mainly 50s. 56 in oakland 54 in free monday. san jose checking in with a temperature of 57 degrees. here's the setup, the bigger picture. satellite and radar we were under the influence of two areas of high pressure. it helped bring us a lot of sunshine on our saturday. waiting in the wings, our next cold front. not a lot of moisture associated with it, what it will do first
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is bring clouds and cooler temperatures and the chance of drizzle on monday. future weather has you covered tomorrow morning many of us waking up to cloudy skies the good news watch what happens by the afternoon on sunday. lots of sunshine as the cold front gets closer and moves across us early monday morning we're going to be tracking pockets of light rainshowers for the monday morning rush. overnight tonight we'll see the clouds thickening and increasing, upper 40s to lower 50s across the bay area tonight. highs on your sunday in the south bay i should say lots of sunshine, 76 san jose. 73 for santa clara 80 in morgan hill. 50s right along the coast, 69 san mateo the same in palo alto, 61 for downtown san francisco, 57 the high in daily city on your sunday. coastal clouds keeps us at 56 at bodega bay. 74 sonoma up to 69 in vallejo. 67 oakland, the same in san leandro. 66 berkeley, we'll see 82 for
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antioch, 81 the high in livermore tomorrow. one final day of bottle rock festival in napa after morning clouds, we'll see lots of sunshine pretty comfortable at 74 degrees you'll need the jacket by 10:00, the clouds come back, and temperatures drop to 56. tomorrow we have the coastal clouds, that cold front moves through here on monday. brings us morning drizzle. otherwise as we move toward tuesday and wednesday, early morning clouds lots of sunshine and a big time warming pattern friday and saturday with that typical summer spread coming our way for the first week of june. >> can't. firefighters saved the day, this isn't your usual
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and helps save water with 6 times the cleaning power. get a money saving coupon for new tide he turbo at now you can turn laundry time into turbo time. it was firefighters to the rescue today, the victims were not human, the firefighters
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plucked eight ducklings out of a storm drain in concord today. they carefully hoisted out each duckling made sure they were okay and showed this happy reunion. warriors spirit is taking over the bay area. check this out, even the parking meters are feeling the fan frenzy. this one in oakland reads oakland is warriors ground. while we're celebrating, the warriors were celebrating the best fans in basketball. today that honor goes to sweetie in oakland. we love sweetie at 105 years young, she still has the spirit. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler recently met sweetie and shared this great photo. you can get in on the action too. include your city in the post, so we can give you a proper shoutout. the next abc 7 fan of the day could be you.
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not you shoe. >> actually, one of my pictures made it. proud. >> i'm a big man. >> you're not even going to talk about the warriors right now? >> there's things going on. we'll get to that don't worry. >> a rare night, we have your highlights. the cal bears trying to advance to the world
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the a's looking for their third straight win against the yankees, and they'll have to do so without sean doolittle. game three at o.c. got to get me one of those hats. billy butler, sac fly ties it at
11:29 pm
one. josh redick base hit. marcus simeon scores. a's had ten hits on the first 20 batters of this game. they were all single. opposite fields. eric soguard scores. the two-run lead quickly disappears. carlos beltran -- 4-3 yankees and the bronx bombers will end their win streak with a 5-3 victory. the g men were shut out. jonathan won five in a row. tim lincecum on the hill. simmons gets it by brandon crawford with a runner on third. in the third, once again runner on third, once again a base hit. fourth inning runner on third. i think you see where this is going. kristen betancourt goes to left. 3-0, timmy goes four in a third. gave up four runs eight hits.
11:30 pm
the braves five-game win streak with an 8-0 shutout. how many hats can you wear at once? texas a&m in the ncaa regionals, hosting the tournament, nick banks thinks he's put the team on the ton. brian selte brings it back. the bears live on. they bring in the rally cowboys in the 14th, mitchell kransen crushes it to right field. banks got robbed of a home run at the wall. he can't make the catch. cal wins it on a cranston walkoff home run. two on the final, they need one more win to advance to the super regionals. 2012, the kings won the stanley cup. 2013 it was the black hawks. the kings again in 2014. chicago looks to keep that streak alive. ducks best in the west. visitors came to play captain jonathan toews, two goals in the
11:31 pm
first, wires a top shelf. he's wired it's good. patrick kane bears it into a wide open net. hawks went 5-3. they'll face the tampa bay lightning in the stanley cup finals. game one set for wednesday. game one of the nba finals tips off thursday at oracle. followed by after the game, join abc 7 news sports director larry beihl. hall of famer nate thurmond and yours truly live from oracle arena in oakland. if you missed it their top assistant is going to take over the new orleans head coaching job after the nba finals. another republican jumps into the fray, the newest candidate for the gop presidential nomination. and the crime you don't see
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[baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪
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good evening i'm katieindicate katie marzullo. pg&e looking for the cause, the power is expected to be restored a little before 2:00 a.m. arson investigators think someone threw a molotov cocktail into a middle school. a small fire started at the school just before 10:00 tonight, it is now under control. renewed concerns about illegal side shows this summer. the latest was last night near high street and i-880 there were no arrests. people who lived nearby say it happened at least twice a month. it could take a few days for apartments in the marina district in san francisco to dry out, after getting soaked by a
11:36 pm
broken fire hydrant. a car broke into the hydrant this afternoon. clean bay area recycling company is looking for the woman who dropped off a vintage apple one computer worth # $00,000. it was in a box of what she thought was junk. the company sold it to a collector and plans to give the woman half of the proceeds if they can find her. former maryland governor martin o'malley announced today he will seek the democratic november nation for president in 2016. he held a rally this morning in baltimore. o'malley says he called former secretary of state hillary clinton yesterday to inform her of the news. he told clinton, it's time for new leadership. >> the american dream we share. it's powerful history. it's current condition. and it's urgent need of rebuilding. >> o magli will appear on abc's this week with george
11:37 pm
stephanopolous stephanopolous. more than 100 suspected nazi war criminals collected more than $20 million in social security benefits. that's according to a government watchdog group. the findings are scheduled for public release tuesday. it could be the end of the line for the patriot act. it's set to expire at midnight tomorrow. the senate failed to reach a deal. the u.s. attorney general has said the country will face a serious lapse in national security if a deal is not reached. a warning from police about a crime hitting california businesses. thieves are distracting workers and running off with their valuables and wait until you see the bait some of these crooks used to get the goods. abc news anchor cecilia vega has the details. >> in just seconds, the purse and everything inside it gone. what police say the string of
11:38 pm
robberies have in common. two make off with i purse stashed behind the counter. crooks even used this victim's own grandson as a decoy, while a designer purse watches and passports out the door. >> it's not just the value of the purse and contents there are personal identification documents within that purse that were stolen. >> bob advises police on how to catch crooks in the act. he shows us just how easy it is to pull off the crime. bob and his wife distract these unsuspecting people. the woman on the right leaves her purse hanging on her chair. bob swoops in and steals her wallet. >> did you have any idea what he was doing behind you? >> just as he explains how he did it? watch the other woman's purse. >> police now hoping this surveillance video helps catch the crooks doing the distracting, and serves as a reminder to keep your eyes on your valuables before they're grabbed and gone.
11:39 pm
>> that was cecileia vega reporting. thousands of people gathered to bid farewell to the king of the blues. >> b.b. king was eulogized in his hometown of indianola mississippi during a funeral service this morning. it was followed by a private service where he was laid to rest. thousands of people attended a viewing yesterday. the blues legend died on may 14th. he was 89 years old. a new form of technology has made its way into the funeral home. aim holographics are giving their chance to deliver their own eulogy. customers prerecord their message and with the help of holl grams, their likeness appears at the service. >> it's as realistic as you can get without being you. other than you coming up and talking to me.
11:40 pm
this is the closest that we're going to be because it's three dimensional. >> the company believes 3-d will become part of the memorial process. vallejo says it will start taking applications from entrepreneurs who want to open medical marijuana permits in the city. the deadline to apply will be in july. the city's police chief will be to review applications. vallejo officials recently made it legal for pot clubs to do business in city limits. a new rig is rolling down the streets of san pablo. abc news was at contra costa fire department this morning. it's not an ambulance, but it will have a newly hired paramedic and emt on board. we're told they can respond to an emergency faster than an ambulance. the new sales tax is paying for the new truck and position. florida firefighters battling a big brushfire made a surprising discovery on the job.
11:41 pm
check it out a baby bobcat estimated to be only two weeks old, found hiding in a burned bush all alone. but otherwise okay. firefighters were able to rescue the bobcat, giving him water and providing shade. they left the cat in an area away from the fire. and they believe his mother will find him. 7 on your side's uncovered possible answers to that fit bit rash controversy. >> what really caused those rashes from wearing a fit bit. 7 on your side uncovers a bomb. some spots today were very warm in the upper 80s to lower 90s, now a cold front is deepening our marine layer bringing about some cooler
11:42 pm
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seven on your side has uncovered a new searry about why fit bit activity trackers cause thousands of users to break out in a rash. michael finney has been pushing for answers for nearly a year and finally found details about what may be the real reason for the rashes. >> you've seen the pictures, fit bit users with blisters lumps, burning irritations. >> i noticed a big red itchy angry spot on my wrist.
11:45 pm
>> a bright red burn. >> they recalled the trackers and blamed rashes on allergic reactions to the nickel and glue in the wristband. however, scientists were testing a different theory. >> i had no idea that anybody was still testing them for us. >> the scientists wrote it is plausible a person's per spuration can enter into the fit bit force. it caused a chemical reaction, that produced a toxic compound saying, this scenario is supported by one consumer stating their injury occurred after charging. and a skin burn the shape of a charging port in another incident. the cpsc would not release further information about this theory. or even allow us to speak to the scientists saying fit bit has the right to limit release of government information it can test or would reveal trade secrets. >> it's a scientifically valid
11:46 pm
proposition. >> we went to a professor of chemical engineering at uc berkeley. he says exposing sweat to an electrical charge would produce toxic compounds. like sodium hydroxide the same ingredient used in drain know to dissolve clogs. drain know has concentrations ranging from 1 to 40%. >> a high ph solution could very severely burn your skin. >> here at lawrence berkeley laboratory laboratory, the professor shows how electricity can cause a chemical reaction, he uses saltwater in place of sweat. a nine volt battery replaces the five volt fit bit charger. bubbles form on the pencil tips, that's the chemical reaction. >> if you have a small amount of sweat, you can have very large concentrations. >> a drop of saltwater on a ph
11:47 pm
stick, turns this square red. that means it's highly corrosive. >> it would burn your skin. >> this could happen with any wearable device in which sweat could contact a charged battery. >> engineers think differently about batteries that are worn due to the potential interactions with things like sweat. variable technology needs to solve this problem for sure. >> many users who got the rash have suspected they were injured by something in the charger. >> the idea that it was some sort of irritant that would burn the skin makes sense to me. >> fit bit said this document is not an agency report, it contains preliminary hypotheses and testing by cpsc. the cpsc has never disagreed with fit bit's determination of the cause of the allergic reactions. independent test results found no issues with the battery or electrical systems and confirmed these were not the source of the allergic reactions.
11:48 pm
>> the cpsc never publicly revealed its theory the battery could be to blame. they told us only after we demanded information under the freedom of information act. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. we have a quick update on a power outage in san mateo. 4500 customers in the dark. lights would be back on around 1:45 in the morning good news, they're back on already. katie, we're tracking a cool end to the month of may. live doppler 7 hd is showing you a quiet picture despite increasing clouds tonight. nationwide look at weather we're tracking a cold front in the eastern half of the u.s. you can see pop-up showers from boston, new york city, washington, d.c.. you're in the 80s and low 90s back to the west, we're seeing quiet weather thankfully in texas. they're going to dry out for the final day of may. it's been a soggy mess for the
11:49 pm
last couple weeks. we're going to see a cold front approaching the region ahead of it, we'll see high clouds in the afternoon. 75 l.a., hot in palm springs, 104. closer in the bay area tomorrow the coastal clouds will be hanging with us. 67 oakland, 69 vallejo. 76 the high in san jose. accuweather 7-day forecast, coastal clouds, the front moves through monday morning. we're tracking a warming and bright trend as we enter the first week of june. >> very good. thank you, drew. over to shoe now what is going on with the warriors. >> i told you we'd talk about the warriors. warriors/cavaliers. game one only on nbc 7. how will the warriors stop lebron that's the big
11:50 pm
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the warriors had practice today before taking tomorrow off. klay thompson does not participate due to his concussion. head coach steve kerr is optimistic klay will be ready for game one. how do you stop lebron james. he like steph curbry is going to get his points. you have to slow him down somehow. look for draymond green and andre iquodala to share the defensive duties on king james. >> try to throw different things at him. we talk about strength in
11:53 pm
numbers. that's our slogan or what have you. and trying to wear teams down wear guys down. we're going to try to do that to be tough. but we're going to try to go with what's been working for us. >> no matter what we do. lebron's going to get his points and make his impacts and we've got to do as much as we can to make things difficult and try to slow him down a little bit. >> if you haven't heard, game one of the nba finals thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 7 followed by after the game. join us live from oracle areenna in oakland. warriors assistant coach will be named the new orleans -- new head coach of the new orleans pelicans. gentry will finish the finals with the warriors. he's been a head coach with the pistons, heat and suns. he's been a key this season helping rookie head coach and his development. great offensive mind great hire
11:54 pm
by new orleans, huge loss for the warriors. let's serve them up first weekend of the french open with third round matchups. none better than serena williams. ozarenka came out swinging in the fifth set. serena dug deep in the second. she hits the line, the judge calls it out. ozarenka not happy with the judge. they had words, they replayed the point. williams wins it cleanly. serenea moves into the fourth round. she'll face sloan steve ans. meanwhile nine time and defending french open champ, no match for raffa. he's just a drop a set this is his 11th french open. he will turn 29 on wednesday. he moves on to the fourth round with a straight set victory. he'll take on the last remaining
11:55 pm
american male. third round of the byron nelson. randolph, 4 under 65. a double bogey on 18. two back of our leader steven boditch. he shot a four under 65 heading into sunday's final round. rainy day in toronto for the quakes and fc. chris wazalowski gets the hit. toronto would score once more before the half. he finds the lower corner of the net, and the quakes fall 3-1 your final. u.s. women's soccer taking on south korea. final match before the world cup which starts next week. sydney leroux denied by the south korean keeper, team usa heads to canada for the world cup with a scoreless tie. lionel messi has three defenders on him. he gets by all of them, and then another, and he scores.
11:56 pm
this guy has nearly 300 goals in his career, this one might be at the top of the list, and he's good. he helped barcelona win 3-1. 50-yard indoor war. what a day for reggie gray. 15 catches, 137 yards five td's gray had 10 td catches while eric meyer followed up his touchdown performance last week. saber cats remain under defeated at 10-0. cal rugby and philadelphia for the crc's 7th. they swept the match. andrew pataglio with a try. the championship rounds are tomorrow. that's enough of me for one night. looking forward to the warriors though. klay thompson is a big question mark, they think he's going to play. a lot of things can change in the next five days. we'll keep you posted. >> his health comes first.
11:57 pm
>> you know it's right here on abc 7. >> i heard. >> game one, 6:00. >> thanks. that's it for tonight's abc 7 news continues -- you're the only one who feels that way. news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 thanks for joining us. you can watch abc 7 news and all of your favorite abc shows and mike shoom an live or on demand with watch abc and the watch app, it's now available for xbox 360 as well as your tablet, smart phone or computer.
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k whirs and beeps) (door creaks) (chair scrapes floor) our daughter's been asking about you. i wish i could say they were innocent questions such as trying to find out what lullabies you sang or what cookies you made when she was sad. they're not. so tomorrow night-- when america is sleeping-- i'm putting you on a plane and taking you out of the country. it is not a vacation or even a change of scenery. the room you'll be occupying


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